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About the photographer

Born and raised in Wisconsin, I have grown up accustomed to the beautiful hills, sunsets, lakes, and forests. Photography has allowed me to appreciate the scenic beauty that my home has to offer. This was the initial draw into photography. I started off taking photos of flowers in my yard on my mom’s old digital camera when I was 8. I then began assisting with a professional photographer, doing fun photoshoots for my friends on an iPhone, and taking photos for local businesses’ social media sites. At the University of Wisconson-Madison I studied photography editing and was able to further my passion on a larger, professional scale. I embody the Wisconsin idea - authenticity, preservation of beauty, and quality. My photos represent this. I am thrilled to have this photography business and I cannot wait to capture the moments that are most special to you. Life’s all about making memories. Contact me to help you savor them. 

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